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Hours & Rates

Everything we do at 4 Paws Pet Resort is focused on providing the highest quality services and great customer care. We look at each dog as an individual and do our absolute best to provide a safe, clean and loving environment that best suits their needs.


Front Lobby and Grooming Services

The front lobby is open during regular business hours from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The kennel staff is available during major holidays (They’re here taking care of the kids but not answering phones/texts) but the front lobby is closed and grooming services are not offered.

Boarding Hours

The kennel staff is available for you to contact Monday-Saturday daily from 7:00 a.m. -­ 6:00 p.m. All guests are secured in the facility by 9:00 p.m. In addition to the kennel staff, 4 Paws has an onsite caretaker to ensure all of our pets are safe and secure throughout the night.

Check In/Out Times

  • Check-­in  Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. –  5:30 p.m. Please allow 10­-30 minutes for checking in.

  • Check-out Standard check-out time is 12:00 p.m. For all pick-­ups after 12:00 p.m. an additional day’s charge will be added.

  • Sunday check-­in and check-­out is offered but must be pre-­arranged with the staff. Sunday pick-up times are 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and drop ­off times are 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Cancellation Policy

During holidays there is a non-refundable, two day deposit per pet.


Dog Rates


  • 0 - 29 lbs -- $32

  • 30-59 lbs -- $34

  • 60+ lbs -- $36

*Add $5 per night during holidays

**Additional pets sharing a suite receive a $5 discount per night


It is recommended you bring the food your dog is accustomed to if it is different than the house brand. This will alleviate potential stomach discomfort from a change in your pet’s diet. Food should be pre-­bagged per feeding and clearly marked with your pet’s information. We will feed our house food, Purina Pro Plan EN, for $2.00 a day, per dog upon owners request.


  • Social Play -- $10

  • Private Play/Walk/Cuddle Time -- $12

  • Potty Walk -- $8


  • Pupsicle (frozen yogurt with a milk bone center) -- $4

  • Chick-Sicle (frozen chicken broth with milk bone center) -- $3

  • Kong (peanut butter) -- $3

  • Kong (yogurt) -- $3


Non-injectable medication -- $1 each

Daycare: Pricing includes 2 playtimes of your choice. All playtimes are supervised by an expert playtime coordinator.

  • All sizes -- $24

Cat Rates


  • Cat Condos -- $23

  • Holiday Rates -- $28

Cat Daycare - $13


It is recommended you bring the food your cat is accustomed to if it is different than the house brand. Please clearly mark your pet’s food and have it pre-­bagged per feeding. We can feed our house food, Purina Pro Plan EN for $2.00 per day, per cat at owner's request.


  • Oral Medication -- $1 per dose


  • Cat scratcher with cat nip -- $10

  • Playtime & Cuddles -- $12

Small Caged Animals Rates

Rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, ferrets, birds, and others (please call for availability)


  • $21 per night

Accommodations and Feeding:

  • Bring their cage, food, bedding, and any other necessary supplies and we will follow your instructions to ensure they are as happy as they would be at home.

4 Paws Pet Points Rewards

Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded. Loyal pets—and loyal pet parents—are entitled to all the appreciation in the world. And we’re delighted to reward your repeated visits to us with a program that recognizes your support. Every dollar you spend earns a reward point. And every 250 points you collect earns a $5 credit on your next stay. Entry into the rewards program is automatic.

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