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Dog Grooming

Dog being groomed
Dog being groomedHusky having its coat brushedWoman Bathing her American Staffordshire Terrier or the Amstaff dog


Our award-winning groomers are the best in the valley. We offer a large range of hair cuts and styles depending on the breed and the look you desire. Every visit to the spa for a full grooming includes a warm bath, a blow-dry, a brush out, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and expressing the anal glands. Extra services are available upon request.

Additional Treatments

If you want to pamper your pet even more, consider one of the additional treatments that our amazing groomers offer:

  • Hot oil treatments to help brighten a dull coat

  • Medicated or oatmeal shampoos to reduce skin itching and irritation

  • The Furminator to temporarily decrease the amount of shedding

  • Summer cuts for all breeds to reduce the amount of fur found in your house. This cut is also great for short­haired breeds like Pugs, Labradors, and Shepherds

  • Hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners for sensitive pets

  • Flea shampoo or tick dips to eliminate pests

  • Nail grinding to make your pet’s nails shorter and smoother than a regular trim (This is a great treatment to add to your pet’s grooming regime if your pet frequently scratches you or your furniture with his nails or if you hear his nails clicking on the floor)

  • Bath and blow-­dry to keep your pet “party ready” between grooming appointments

For rates and prices of these services call us or text us at (480) 985-8512.

There is a $15 fee for every last minute cancellation or appointment not kept.

After 4 hours from drop off there is a $5.00 charge to take your baby out to potty so they do not have to hold their bladder. After 5 hours from drop off there is a $15 charge for a daycare fee.

Cat Grooming

4 Paws also grooms cats! If shedding is a problem, a feline haircut will eliminate shedding. If you just want a clean cat then we suggest a bath, blow-dry, and brush-­out for your pet. Grooming our feline friends takes approximately 3 hours.