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4Paws Pet Resort
1608 N. Greenfield Rd. Mesa, AZ 85205

p-(480) 985-8512

Boarding Information

Canine Accommodations

We offer 3x5’, 4x5’, and 5x5’ rooms, depending on the size of our guest.  Each room comes with a generous 10’ outdoor run, which is left open during mild weather. During inclement weather we open the runs hourly. There are 3’ high privacy walls between each room to keep our guests relaxed and help with infection control. 

Our entire facility is climate controlled for your pet’s comfort. We have an on-site care-taker, an on call Veterinarian, and video surveillance inside and out of the facility. Also, all outside runs and perimeter gates are locked for added security of the guests.

Guest rooms are furnished with raised pallet beds for extra sleeping comfort. The resort also furnishes all bedding and toys fresh daily; so please, no outside toys or bedding. All rooms are sanitized twice daily and again upon departure. Our guests are provided Pedigree dry and fed according to weight. If a private diet is preferred, that is not a problem.  We just ask that each meal is pre-bagged, marked clearly, and only bring enough for the stay.

Feline Accommodations
Our feline guests are housed separately from the canines. Our cat condos are spacious, giving your cat room away from their litter box, as well as a hiding place to make them feel comfortable. Our feline guests receive fresh food (Pedigree dry), water twice a day and clean bedding. We also sanitize the condo & clean out the litter box twice daily. If a private diet is preferred, we just ask that each meal is pre-bagged, marked clearly, and only bring enough for the stay.

Because we care about your pet’s health

Please alert us of any current health problems such as epilepsy, hyper ventilation, ect.  By doing so, it allows us to know what to watch for.  If our guest is on any medication, please be sure to bring it with.  We will administer it faithfully and the name of your veterinarian will be kept on file.

Exotic Pets: Please call for information

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Tour Hours:

10:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Please do not bring pets or small children with you.



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